CIS: 2017, Week Seven - Color Wars

Color Wars 2017 Has Begun! 

At CIS, our camp has never been more divided or united! To celebrate Color Wars, every camper has been placed in red, blue, green, or yellow at random. All ages are mixed together, so, in addition to their age groups, 5-8s and 9-13s get to meet each other and compete together! IMG_0855.JPG

The Color Wars theme this year is the military. The Marines are red, Navy is yellow, Air Force is blue, and Army is green. On Monday the Army was leading with 347 points, but the Navy pulled forward today with 785! These points are accumulated through whole camp challenges and within age groups. In addition to


In addition to competition aspect of Color Wars, our unique theme is giving our campers the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices service men and women make every day. To thank the men and women who risk their lives for our freedom, the 7-8 Girls made thank you cards.

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CIS: 2017, Week Three - Decades

Decades Week at CIS!


Today campers enjoyed another great day of Camper’s Choice! This week campers chose from Chef School, Mad Science, Dodgeball, Water Baseball, Advanced Art, and Glitz and Glamour.

In Chef School, campers made tie dye rice crispy treats; Mad Science created lava lamps and we had a special game of Water Baseball!

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Our new game this week was Water Baseball. Campers played a regular game of kickball but with a twist: Slip n’ Slides as the runway and kiddie pools as the four bases. Everyone involved had an incredible time and got soaked! This is one we will repeat for years to come.


Below is a video of how the game works! In this round, it was counselors against campers.


CIS: 2017, Spirit Stick: 2017, Week Two - Luau

The Start of Something New!

To start Week Three – Decades we will be adding something new! All week groups will be competing to earn spirit points and, come Friday, the team with the most points will win the spirit stick!


To earn points, groups must show our staff that they have gone above and beyond at camp that week. Some examples include receiving a compliment from Ms. Chris, the art teacher, for good behavior or from someone in the Dining Hall for excellent manners, making a group chant, a group flag, having a good attitude, etc.!


This past week our 7-8 Girls won the spirit stick so they will be carrying it with them all week! The girls get to write their group name on it and carry it with pride.


CIS: 2017, Week Two - Luau

It’s a Luau Tradition!

It wouldn’t be Luau week without a little water! Every year our campers journey to Blountsville to visit Spring Valley Beach Waterpark.


At SVB, there is a playset for our smaller campers, dozens of sliding options, and a couple of larger attractions for those brave enough to go on! Before doing any of this, though, every camper must take and pass a swim test. Whitney, our lifeguard, administers every swim test to ensure your camper’s safety! Those who opt out of the swim test have to stay in designated areas that are shallow.


Two notable features that the campers always love is The Taco and water bucket. Any camper, whether they passed the swim test or not, was able to enjoy both attractions!



CIS: 2017, Week Two - Luau

Camper’s Choice With a Luau Spin!

Every Wednesday, campers get to chose between five or eight unique afternoon activities that go beyond your everyday camp happenings. This week campers chose from Chef School, Mad Science, Fishing, Capture the Flag, Glitz and Glamor, Advanced Art, and Tennis.

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During Camper’s Choice, boys and girls from all age groups get to interact and make new friends. Even the counselors move around so the campers get to meet everyone! Thank you to our Head Counselor Sam for all of her hard work! Because of her dedication, Wednesdays are always cited as everyone’s favorite day.


Ohana Means Family. Family Means Competition.

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a wonderful, refreshing weekend because CIS week two is here. This week out theme is Luau and we are traveling to Spring Valley Beach to celebrate!

To kick off this week, Head Counselor Sam introduced our brand new spirit stick! All week groups will be competing to earn points and, at the end of the week, whichever group with the most points gets the spirit stick the next week. Points can be earned through special games each day and good behavior to name a few.


Our week opened with some healthy competition and a way for groups to earn points! We started with our campers who tried to eat a donut attached to a string, without using their hands and finished with a good, old-fashioned hula hoop contest from our counselors.

Check back later this week for pictures from Spring Valley Beach! This is by far our camper’s favorite field trip and we are excited to share this experience with you.




CIS: 2017, Week One - Welcome to the Jungle

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Week one at Camp Indian Springs has finished! Our campers and counselors spent this first week getting to know one another and exploring our wonderful campus. Following the theme of Welcome to the Jungle, our campers were welcomed each day by monkeys and alligators, got to create monkey cookies in Chef Shool and elephant toothpaste in Mad Science, and went on exciting field trips that let them try something new!

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Next week our theme is Luau and we are headed to Spring Valley Beach! Be on the look out for more information this coming week.

Head over to our Facebook page for more photos from this week!


CIS: 2017, Week One - Welcome to the Jungle

Day One is in the Books…

We have had an incredible first day! Today we had our largest group of campers in the history of Camp Indian Springs. This milestone is a tribute to the dedication and passion our counselors have to your kids and to the camp. Our amazing staff goes above and beyond everyday to make sure our campers are having fun and being safe.

Our campers were troopers today! They made new friends and memories and hiked through the rain. Below is a video of a camper celebrating the start of camp!

CIS: 2017, Open Houses

Open House on Wednesday!

Greetings! Our second Open House will be on Wednesday, May 17 from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm at Indian Springs School. We are excited to give you guys an opportunity to meet everyone and to come visit our beautiful campus!

At registration, you can get your camper’s t-shirts, meet our counselors, and take a tour! We will have computers available for you to register on or you can go ahead and complete the forms online at

If you can’t make it today, you can go ahead and register online and pay at the beginning of camp or come to our Make-Up Open House. We don’t have a date for it yet, but we will have one soon.

We look forward to meeting everyone later this week!

CIS: 2017, Open Houses

Today is the Day!

Registration is today from 4:00 to 7:00 at Indian Springs! We are so excited to meet everyone and to give you all a chance to come visit our beautiful campus!

At registration, you can get your camper’s t-shirts, meet our counselors, and take a tour! We will have computers available for you to register on or you can go ahead and complete the forms online at

If you are unable to make it to registration today, we will be having another Open House on May 17, from 4:00 to 7:00.

We look forward to meeting everyone today!