CIS: 2016, Week 9: Hollywood

That’s a Wrap!

Camp Indian Springs has finished its second year! Thank you to all of our counselors and staff that make camp possible and so much fun your campers. And thank you, parents, for allowing your campers to spend their summer with us. We have enjoyed seeing your camper grow throughout the summer and can’t wait for next year! To see pictures from throughout camp, head over to our Facebook page! To find the slideshow head over to the camp website!


Camp website:!home/c172q

See you next summer!

CIS: 2016, Week 9: Hollywood

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our final week of camp has begun! Hollywood week is off to a great start. Our younger girls enjoyed a fun tea party put on by Ms. Whitney and tomorrow everyone will enjoy a fun movie trip to see Finding Dory!

IMG_5340Be on the look out for updates about Star Search and the final camp slideshow! We are excited to share these entertaining and memory-filled experiences with you!

Below are some pictures from our photo booth during Carnival Week!

CIS: 2016, Week Six: Space Jam

Space Jam Was Out of This World!

It may have been a short week, but your camper had tons of fun! Because we did not have camp on Monday, our field trip this week was our biggest yet! We went to Desoto Caverns and allowed each group to pick five of the new attractions offered. Every group got the chance to go into the caverns and learn some history about them.


Even our youngest campers enjoyed and learned more about the caverns. The laser light show at Desoto Caverns was amazing and all our campers enjoyed it!

Next week is a big week for Camp Indian Springs: it is Color Wars week! Every year campers love Color Wars week and all the games that go on. Our theme for this year is a surprise, but campers will find out what it is on Monday during a fun video made by our Head Counselor, Devin. Devin has worked hard to come up with fun games that all campers will enjoy. Our campers will be divided up into teams that have a corresponding color and throughout the week there will be games where teams can earn points. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins Color Wars!



For an update on who received a pie this week check out our Facebook page! Link:




CIS: 2016, Week Five: Party in the USA

The Party is Over but the Fun Has Just Begun!

Week five has ended, but there is still so much more to come! Our camper’s had a blast during Party in the USA week and we are excited to introduce Space Jam next week!IMG_5198

Because we will not have camp on Monday, our field trip next week is our biggest yet! We will be going to Desoto Cavern and giving your camper the opportunity to explore the many activities offered – including the caves!

This week we had only one counselor receive a pie in the face: Lexey, a high school counselor from the 9-10 Girls. Head Counselor Devin shook things up this week: in order to randomly select an age group and then a gender, Devin used fun trivia questions and added a game of rock paper scissors between the two counselors that won trivia. The counselor that won, Jalon from the 11-13 Boys, then had his camper of the week select who he wanted to pie.IMG_5050







All campers enjoyed this new system and began to cheer for the counselor they wanted to win and chant the name of the counselor they wanted to see get pied.

As always if you ever have any questions about camp feel free to contact us by email or phone. Have a great Fourth of July! We look forward to an exciting next week!