CIS: 2016, Week Five: Party in the USA

It’s a Party in the USA!

The party has begun! We are having an awesome time at camp this week and just wrapped up Camper’s Choice! Every Wednesday campers get to pick an activity that they want to do. This week we had Chef School, Mad Science, Art, Swimming Hole, Batting Cage, and Tennis!

In Chef School, we made patriotic cookies by decorating them with fun icing and candies!  Mad Science made a “cup of science” by layering different types of Powerade that had different sugar contents. The result was a fun, patriotic treat! IMG_5067IMG_3529

Our younger campers had a great time at cosmic bowling and we even had some tricks! Our older campers go tomorrow! If you ever have any questions feel free to contact us at 205-982-9720!

CIS: 2016, Week Four: Spy Kids: Mission Impossible

Mission Accomplished!

Our Camp Indian Springs Agents have completed their mission! All campers had an awesome week at camp, learned some new spy skills, and worked together!


A special thanks to Spy Master Matt and Cameron Mckinley for helping our campers become spies and for helping them perfect their skills!



Today we had three counselors receive a pie in the face! Cheyenne, a CIT, received a pie from our camper of the week, Chetam Pisupati! Emily, the 7-8 Boys College Counselor, finished her last week with us this summer so she was pied by Parker Yeary. Finally, Sebastian, the 11-13 Boys College Counselor, was pied by John Romei!


A reminder that next week is Party in the USA week! All camper will go to Oak Mountain Lanes to enjoy bowling and we will have fun USA themed activities throughout the week.

Have a great weekend!

CIS: 2016, Week Four: Spy Kids: Mission Impossible

Spy Kids: Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have an awesome week at camp! Camp Indian Springs is turning out even more special agents thanks to Spy Master Matt! Matt has put together a series of obstacles and clues to lead your camper to their treasure: a nice cold treat. Along the way they have to work together to accomplish their goal and try to figure out who the double agent is! To root out the culprit, campers asked questions and investigated who they thought was leading them astray. Once they caught the double agent, the campers got to pour ice-cold water on the agent!

To keep practicing their skills, campers are participating in a Breakout Camp Indian Springs session that is similar to the Breakout Birmingham scenarios.


Our younger campers have to solve the puzzle left by Pirate Pete and Ron the Swan to find the stolen treasure in less than forty-five minutes! Cameron McKinley from Spain Park runs the Breakout Sessions with the help of her daughter.


For camper’s choice this week, we had two new activities: Golf Academy and Swimming Hole (11-13 only). We had our usual activities like Chef School, Advanced Art, and Mad Science, but with a special spy twist. In Advanced Art campers made decoders to help decipher clues, we practiced using invisible ink in Mad Science, and we made trail mix in Chef School to help keep up our energy (without nuts, of course)!


CIS: 2016, Week Three: Retro Week

Retro Week is a Thing of The Past!

We went to the disco, practiced our dance moves, made some friends, and now we’re ready to boogie on home! We had a great week and made so many memories. This week, our campers got to enjoy roller skating, a fun tie-dye project, and other Retro Week activities!

We had two counselors get pied this week! 11-13 Boy’s counselor, Jack, and 11-13 Girl’s counselor, Carol, both received a pie in the face. The 11-13 Boy’s camper of the week pied Jack and the 9-10 Girl’s camper of the week pied Carol.

Be sure to join us next week for Spy Kids: Mission Impossible! We have tons of fun activities planned, including our own version of Breakout Birmingham: Breakout Camp Indian Springs! We will have a field trip to the McWane Science Center and a fun scavenger hunt there! Don’t miss out!

It’s never too late to join camp, just register online and come to camp to finalize all the details! We hope to see you next week!

To register:!registration/czxl

CIS: 2016, Week Three: Retro Week

Camper’s Choice: Retro Week

Through the rain and mud Camp Indian Springs carried on! After some rearranging due to the rain, we had an amazing Camper’s Choice! Activities like Golf and Swimming Hole had to be canceled this week, but will be a choice for next weeks Camper’s Choice.

This week campers were able to enjoy Chef School, Stage Craft, Mat-Ball, and Mad Science. Chef School made deconstructed s’mores this week (mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and Teddy Grahams) and we introduced a new option for Camper’s Choice: Stage Craft. At Stage Craft, campers were able to work on their acting and improvisation skills while playing fun games!

Mad Science genius, Patrick, taught our campers about constructive and destructive energy by making slime (food coloring, cornstarch, and water) and putting it on a speaker that was playing music. The slime “jumped” or remained stationary based on the different types of energy.

A reminder for tomorrow: all older campers need to bring socks for tomorrow as they will be roller skating.

CIS: 2016, Week Three: Retro Week

Retro Week is Off!

Week three has begun and we are off to a great start! IMG_4525Our younger campers went roller-skating today and our older campers will get to go later this week.
Our big Retro Week activity is tie-dye! The campers have had so much fun creating and designing their own tie-dye shirts.We got to start this week with a fun activity from Head Counselor Devin. High School and College Counselors were brought on stage to share some of there retro moves, including the stinky leg, lawn mower, and more! IMG_4522

A reminder for the tie-dye: the shirts must sit for twenty-four hours and then the instructions inside the bag can be followed.

Be on the look out for picture of rollerskating and tie-dye later this week!


CIS: 2016, Wek Two: Hawaiian Hullabaloo

It’s Been a Hawaiian Hullabaloo!

Greetings! We’ve had a very festive week here at CIS! We went to Spring Valley Beach, made Hawaiian inspired art, and had a fun dress-up day! Each camper made a cute, Hawaiian drawstring bag and received leis as they got out of the car this morning.IMG_4408

Our camper of the week was Maddie Ray from 5-6 Girls! IMG_4161Maddie’s favorite thing to do at camp is to play with her friends in the Girl’s Studio. Her favorite colors are blue and pink and her favorite snack this week was ice cream! Maddie decided to pie Sara, a CIT that is paired with her group.


We’ve had a wonderful week two and we can’t wait to see what next week has to offer. Next week is Retro Week and we will be going roller skating and doing tie dye! Our art teacher, Christina Teztlaff, is also a Chemistry teacher and let’s our campers use her professional-grade dyes. Campers will be given instruction on how to ensure the color lasts for years and will be encouraged to wear their tie dye on Friday to celebrate our final day of Retro Week.

See you guys next week!


CIS: 2016, Wek Two: Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Camper’s Choice!

Today was our first time doing Camper’s Choice this year. Camper’s Choice will take place every Wednesday this year and the campers will be able to select what they do for an hour in the afternoon.

This week, campers participated in tennis, a dodgeball tournament, Mad Science, Glitz and Glamor, Chef School, Groovin’ and Movin’ and Advanced Art. The campers had lots of fun and we are excited to add new choices each week!

Winners of our Junior League dodgeball tournament:IMG_4280

  • Team Doom (Members: Daryl Bender, Cameron Harrington, Jeffrey Avery, Landon Pfaffman)

Winners of our Senior League dodgeball tournament:

  • Winning Team (Members: Brock Hill, Jack Adamson, Steven Maraski, Chase Wilson, Evan Allison)

IMG_4291Bottle Rocket Winners (The team that shot their rocket the highest):
Soda Poppers (Members: Jacob Lewis, Ty Owes, Gray Rogan, Parker Yeary, Jack Gray)

Reminder: Our oldest campers will be going to Spring Valley Beach tomorrow. Make sure your camper has a bathing suit, sunscreen, change of clothes, and a towel.

CIS: 2016, Wek Two: Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Kicking-Off Hawaiian Hullabaloo!

We’ve kicked off week two and are off to a great start! We’re excited to celebrate Hawaiian Hullabaloo by visiting Spring Valley Beach, having a luau themed art project, and handing out leis on FridayIMG_4236IMG_4161

Our younger campers loved Spring Valley Beach! They were all able to play on the smaller play-set that features a large bucket that fills with water and then falls over. Campers that passed a swim test given by our certified lifeguard/canoe instructor were able to slide on small waterslides and venture into deeper water if they were with a counselor. Our older campers will have to go through the same process in order to go on the larger slides at SVB.

We hope everyone has a great week! We look forward to sharing more from this week soon.

CIS: 2016, Week One: Welcome to the Jungle

The End of Week One!

What an incredible first week! During Welcome to the Jungle week, the kids got to explore our campus, make new friends, and have an incredible time. Campers were able to canoe, go on hikes, play war ball (a variation of dodgeball), fish and make safari hats! Our oldest kids had a great time at First Avenue Rocks, while our younger groups enjoyed venturing around the zoo. Below you will find pictures from art, war ball, and the zoo.

The camper of the week from the whole camp was from the 7-8 boys group. The camper of the week for the whole camp gets to pie a CIT, High School Counselor, or College Counselor. The camper of the week chose to pie a college counselor from the 9-10 boys. Below you will find pictures of each counselor with their camper of the week and runner-up.

Reminder for next week: our theme is Hawaiian Hullabaloo Week and we will be going to Spring Valley Beach. Be sure to check you campers schedule to see when they are going. They will need to bring a swim suit, change of clothes, towel, and sunscreen.

Have a great weekend!