CIS: 2017, Spirit Stick: 2017, Week Two - Luau

The Start of Something New!

To start Week Three – Decades we will be adding something new! All week groups will be competing to earn spirit points and, come Friday, the team with the most points will win the spirit stick!


To earn points, groups must show our staff that they have gone above and beyond at camp that week. Some examples include receiving a compliment from Ms. Chris, the art teacher, for good behavior or from someone in the Dining Hall for excellent manners, making a group chant, a group flag, having a good attitude, etc.!


This past week our 7-8 Girls won the spirit stick so they will be carrying it with them all week! The girls get to write their group name on it and carry it with pride.


CIS: 2017, Week Two - Luau

It’s a Luau Tradition!

It wouldn’t be Luau week without a little water! Every year our campers journey to Blountsville to visit Spring Valley Beach Waterpark.


At SVB, there is a playset for our smaller campers, dozens of sliding options, and a couple of larger attractions for those brave enough to go on! Before doing any of this, though, every camper must take and pass a swim test. Whitney, our lifeguard, administers every swim test to ensure your camper’s safety! Those who opt out of the swim test have to stay in designated areas that are shallow.


Two notable features that the campers always love is The Taco and water bucket. Any camper, whether they passed the swim test or not, was able to enjoy both attractions!



CIS: 2017, Week Two - Luau

Camper’s Choice With a Luau Spin!

Every Wednesday, campers get to chose between five or eight unique afternoon activities that go beyond your everyday camp happenings. This week campers chose from Chef School, Mad Science, Fishing, Capture the Flag, Glitz and Glamor, Advanced Art, and Tennis.

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During Camper’s Choice, boys and girls from all age groups get to interact and make new friends. Even the counselors move around so the campers get to meet everyone! Thank you to our Head Counselor Sam for all of her hard work! Because of her dedication, Wednesdays are always cited as everyone’s favorite day.