Ohana Means Family. Family Means Competition.

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a wonderful, refreshing weekend because CIS week two is here. This week out theme is Luau and we are traveling to Spring Valley Beach to celebrate!

To kick off this week, Head Counselor Sam introduced our brand new spirit stick! All week groups will be competing to earn points and, at the end of the week, whichever group with the most points gets the spirit stick the next week. Points can be earned through special games each day and good behavior to name a few.


Our week opened with some healthy competition and a way for groups to earn points! We started with our campers who tried to eat a donut attached to a string, without using their hands and finished with a good, old-fashioned hula hoop contest from our counselors.

Check back later this week for pictures from Spring Valley Beach! This is by far our camper’s favorite field trip and we are excited to share this experience with you.