CIS: 2016, Week One: Welcome to the Jungle

The End of Week One!

What an incredible first week! During Welcome to the Jungle week, the kids got to explore our campus, make new friends, and have an incredible time. Campers were able to canoe, go on hikes, play war ball (a variation of dodgeball), fish and make safari hats! Our oldest kids had a great time at First Avenue Rocks, while our younger groups enjoyed venturing around the zoo. Below you will find pictures from art, war ball, and the zoo.

The camper of the week from the whole camp was from the 7-8 boys group. The camper of the week for the whole camp gets to pie a CIT, High School Counselor, or College Counselor. The camper of the week chose to pie a college counselor from the 9-10 boys. Below you will find pictures of each counselor with their camper of the week and runner-up.

Reminder for next week: our theme is Hawaiian Hullabaloo Week and we will be going to Spring Valley Beach. Be sure to check you campers schedule to see when they are going. They will need to bring a swim suit, change of clothes, towel, and sunscreen.

Have a great weekend!

CIS: 2016, Week One: Welcome to the Jungle

We Had a Rockin’ Time

Our first trip to First Avenue Rocks was a success! The 11-13 boys and girls had lots of fun and we can’t wait to go back. At First Avenue, there are three different sections climbers can scale including a section that has harnesses (all other sections are free climbing). The campers had the opportunity to do as much or as little as they wanted and First Avenue gave a how-to and safety lesson before the campers were allowed to begin. Below are some pictures from the trip!

CIS: 2016, Week One: Welcome to the Jungle

And We’re Off!

Camp Indian Springs has officially started its second year and we are thrilled! Our theme for this week is Welcome to the Jungle as our campers will begin to explore our campus by  canoeing, fishing, playing get to know you games, and more! We are so excited about this summer and can’t wait to share it with you!

Camp Indian Springs has an official twitter and Facebook page now! Feel free to go like, follow, and communicate with us there too! The links will be below!

Camp Director, Joe Carter, talking to the campers before starting the day!

Also, be on the look out for posts about our theme for the week, Meet the Counselor, Camper of the Week, and pictures from our field trips! The older campers (11-13 boys and girls) are going to First Avenue Rocks and the younger campers (5-10 boys and girls) are going to the Zoo!

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