CIS: 2016, Week Four: Spy Kids: Mission Impossible

Spy Kids: Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have an awesome week at camp! Camp Indian Springs is turning out even more special agents thanks to Spy Master Matt! Matt has put together a series of obstacles and clues to lead your camper to their treasure: a nice cold treat. Along the way they have to work together to accomplish their goal and try to figure out who the double agent is! To root out the culprit, campers asked questions and investigated who they thought was leading them astray. Once they caught the double agent, the campers got to pour ice-cold water on the agent!

To keep practicing their skills, campers are participating in a Breakout Camp Indian Springs session that is similar to the Breakout Birmingham scenarios.


Our younger campers have to solve the puzzle left by Pirate Pete and Ron the Swan to find the stolen treasure in less than forty-five minutes! Cameron McKinley from Spain Park runs the Breakout Sessions with the help of her daughter.


For camper’s choice this week, we had two new activities: Golf Academy and Swimming Hole (11-13 only). We had our usual activities like Chef School, Advanced Art, and Mad Science, but with a special spy twist. In Advanced Art campers made decoders to help decipher clues, we practiced using invisible ink in Mad Science, and we made trail mix in Chef School to help keep up our energy (without nuts, of course)!


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