CIS: 2016, Week Three: Retro Week

Retro Week is a Thing of The Past!

We went to the disco, practiced our dance moves, made some friends, and now we’re ready to boogie on home! We had a great week and made so many memories. This week, our campers got to enjoy roller skating, a fun tie-dye project, and other Retro Week activities!

We had two counselors get pied this week! 11-13 Boy’s counselor, Jack, and 11-13 Girl’s counselor, Carol, both received a pie in the face. The 11-13 Boy’s camper of the week pied Jack and the 9-10 Girl’s camper of the week pied Carol.

Be sure to join us next week for Spy Kids: Mission Impossible! We have tons of fun activities planned, including our own version of Breakout Birmingham: Breakout Camp Indian Springs! We will have a field trip to the McWane Science Center and a fun scavenger hunt there! Don’t miss out!

It’s never too late to join camp, just register online and come to camp to finalize all the details! We hope to see you next week!

To register:!registration/czxl

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