CIS: 2016, Week Three: Retro Week

Retro Week is Off!

Week three has begun and we are off to a great start! IMG_4525Our younger campers went roller-skating today and our older campers will get to go later this week.
Our big Retro Week activity is tie-dye! The campers have had so much fun creating and designing their own tie-dye shirts.We got to start this week with a fun activity from Head Counselor Devin. High School and College Counselors were brought on stage to share some of there retro moves, including the stinky leg, lawn mower, and more! IMG_4522

A reminder for the tie-dye: the shirts must sit for twenty-four hours and then the instructions inside the bag can be followed.

Be on the look out for picture of rollerskating and tie-dye later this week!