CIS: 2016, Wek Two: Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Camper’s Choice!

Today was our first time doing Camper’s Choice this year. Camper’s Choice will take place every Wednesday this year and the campers will be able to select what they do for an hour in the afternoon.

This week, campers participated in tennis, a dodgeball tournament, Mad Science, Glitz and Glamor, Chef School, Groovin’ and Movin’ and Advanced Art. The campers had lots of fun and we are excited to add new choices each week!

Winners of our Junior League dodgeball tournament:IMG_4280

  • Team Doom (Members: Daryl Bender, Cameron Harrington, Jeffrey Avery, Landon Pfaffman)

Winners of our Senior League dodgeball tournament:

  • Winning Team (Members: Brock Hill, Jack Adamson, Steven Maraski, Chase Wilson, Evan Allison)

IMG_4291Bottle Rocket Winners (The team that shot their rocket the highest):
Soda Poppers (Members: Jacob Lewis, Ty Owes, Gray Rogan, Parker Yeary, Jack Gray)

Reminder: Our oldest campers will be going to Spring Valley Beach tomorrow. Make sure your camper has a bathing suit, sunscreen, change of clothes, and a towel.

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